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        2012 report, Jennifer Spinney and Eve Gruntfest What makes our partners tick? Using ethnography to inform the Global System Division's development of the Integrated Hazards Information Services (IHIS) (pdf) prepared for NOAA Integrated Hazards Information Systems Project

        SSWIM University of Oklahoma, Department of Geography, Master's Theses, 2012
        Stephanie Hoeskstra How K-12 school district officials made decisions during 2011 National Weather Service tornado warnings (pdf)
        Amy Nichols How university administrators made decisions during National Weather Service tornado warnings in the Spring of 2011 (pdf)

  Social Science Woven into Meteorology (SSWIM)
  promotes collaborative research and partnerships
  between the social sciences and the physical sciences
  of meteorology, climatology, and hydrology to enhance
  societal relevance and to reduce the human risk from
  atmospheric and related hazards.

Started in 2008 at the National Weather Center on the University of Oklahoma in Norman, SSWIM was supported by a partnership between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Oklahoma. As of May 2012 SSWIM activities are carried out in Norman, OK, Colorado Springs, CO, and London, Ontario, Canada.

SSWIM weaves social science concepts and methodologies into the fabric of weather and climate applications and considers the complex problems at the intersection of weather, climate, and society.

SSWIM addresses many challenges and opportunities including, but not limited to, improving forecasts and warnings, reducing social vulnerability to natural hazards, and understanding community and cultural adaptations to weather extremes.